What is the Liquid Hair trend?

Hairstyles come and go, but variations of shiny and healthy-looking hair will always be on trend. You can quote us.

More specifically the 2021 look to know about is liquid hair; strands so glossy and reflective that they look fluid and, well, almost wet. You only have to glance at recent red carpets to see proof of the trend for yourself in stars like Megan Fox. (Side note: is it just us, or is her beauty look morphing her into Kim Kardashian?)

Meanwhile closer to home, famous faces like Love Island’s Faye Winter have also been spotted getting their shiny hair on, stepping out with seriously glossy lengths.

So what do you need to know about achieving the look for yourself, we hear you ask? Luckily enough we’ve pulled a few expert tips, tricks and product recommendations to help you nail the liquid hair trend. You’re welcome.

How to nail the liquid hair trend

First things first, a good base of healthy hair is key to nailing the liquid hair look.

It’s a massive trend right now, everyone from Megan Fox to Kim Kardashian is a fan, The look works well on straight hair, but also looks great on curly hair and gives an almost Bond girl, straight out of the sea look – as we saw on Megan Fox at the VMAs.

If like Megan you’re going for a wavy wet look, or for people with curly hair, a detangling product is key to achieving healthy, shiny hair – we love the Eleven Australia Detangle My Hair leave-in spray, £17 here. It’s great for curly hair to help smooth the hair cuticle and leaves hair shining like diamonds.

Written by Lucy Abbersteen