Living the Dream - How We got to open the salon

Jason has always wanted to be a hairdresser, so he decided to do work experience at Goldsworthy’s in Swindon while he was still at school.

They soon took him on full time, trained him up and turned him into a hardcore hairdresser. Later, he followed my heart and moved to London where he continued to develop and learn.

When you learn your training on the job, one of the most invaluable experiences is that you have to do hair you do not feel confident with. You just have to get on with it.

This taught him that you have to keep doing your best even if you do not like the project you’re given – an invaluable lesson.

We both had a vision that I wanted to make a salon that was approachable, affordable and creative with a really striking design that encourages clients to move round it rather than be sat at their station.

We looked at the location and realised it was surrounded by a lot of shops and business offices but also residents, so we needed to be open seven days a week. It was also important to be open late and offering no-bookings-required express services to girls and guys on the move.

Struggling as a franchisee also taught me about the importance of team work. You can’t do it by yourself. We had family and friends encouraging me to keep moving forward with my creative ideas. Our salon team is also there to help me and guide me through things and it’s important to have the right people in place and play to their strengths.

Owning the salon is a very challenging, but rewarding job. One minute we will be with a client, the next we will be in the office catching up on emails or helping my assistants.

It can all be very stressful at times, but you just have to smile and get on with things.

To people imagining themselves owning an It salon, we’d say always have faith in yourself and follow your dreams. If opening a salon means so much to you, you will make it happen to the best of your ability.