Banish helmet hair

As crimes against great hair go, a cycling helmet is one of the worst offenders. Wear one and you can pretty sure that when you take it off your swishy, styled ’do will be transformed into a flat frizz. Here I'll let you know the secrets to arriving in style.


Take the time to dress your hair before you go out. Keep it simple and you’ll be laughing all the way. If your hair is long enough, a classic plait will keep it in place and stop it from falling in your face or sticking out of the side of the helmet.

The scarf secret

Wear a silk head scarf beneath your helmet: it’ll completely lock your hair down, look super chic when you take your helmet off and because the silk reduces friction, it’ll banish frizz.


Carry a styling product in your rucksack that is formulated to revive volume. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (£16.58) is a salt-infused styling spray that adds volume, texture and ‘wind-styled’ body to curly or wavy hair. Clynol Powder Punch (£6.47) is a silica-based texturising powder that gives instant va-va voom to straight hair. Apply a little to your roots and shape with your fingers to get a great volumised look.

Style on trend – & practical

Sleek, low buns and ponytails worn at the nape of the neck are bang on-trend and won't interfere with your helmet: practical, smart and fashion forward at the same time!

Written by Adele Mitchell